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Protected geographical indication

There is only one true Czech beer in the world 


The uniqueness of Czech beer was confirmed by an independent accredited laboratory, the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting. The analysis of Czech beer demonstrated a significant difference.

Definition of Czech beer 

A pale beer that has a distinct aroma of pale malt and hops. This beer has a medium sharpness, just like the fullness of its taste, which is primarily given by the difference between the apparent and achievable degree of fermentation. The intensity of the bitterness of the beer is medium to high, with the level of harshness being mild to slightly harsh.

The beer is golden yellow in colour, with a medium to high intensity. The beer is sparkling and when being poured into a glass creates a compact white foam. Extra aromas and tastes are not permitted, the taste of malt and hops predominate, while a very weak intensity of pasteurization or ester tastes and odours is permissible. A higher value of polyphenols and a higher pH level are typical for Czech beer.


  • 993 First mention of Czech beer brewing in the Břevnov monastery.
  • 1034- 1055 Foundation charter of Duke Břetislav I - the oldest document on the growing of hops.
  • 1118 First brewery in Bohemia established  in Cerhenice.
  • 13th century King Václav II ordained that only burghers living in royal cities and monasteries had the right to brew beer
  • 1358 The first malting guild was established in Brno.
  • 1356 The Golden Bull of the Czech King and Holy Roman emperor Charles IV (1346-1378) recognizes the right of all town citizens to brew beer.
  • 1842 The first batch of bottom-fermented beer, i.e. Czech beer (Pilsner-type), is brewed in the Municipal Brewery of Pilsen.
  • 1873 The establishment of the largest brewing association, the “Association for the Brewing Industry in the Kingdom of Bohemia”, whose successor is today´s Czech Beer and Malt Association.
  • 1st half of 19th century The golden age of the Czech brewing industry. On 17th October, Czech beer receives the protected geographical indication of the EU.


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