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We have been brewing beer in the Czech Republic for a thousand years. The country, that has fewer inhabitants than Beijing or Tokyo, became a world power in the production of beer due to centuries of experience, unique technology and the careful selection of raw materials.

It is 500 years since Duke Vilém IV realized the uniqueness and high potential of this beer. To protect it, he issued the ”Beer Purity Law”. The law sought to prevent the ”pollution” of the beer through the use of wheat, sugar, salt, herbs, as well as mushrooms and root vegetables.



This beer has a medium sharpness, just like the fullness of its taste, which is primarily given by the difference between the apparent and achievable degree of fermentation. The intensity of the bitterness of the beer is medium to high, with the level of harshness being mild to slightly harsh.

Czech beer is golden yellow in colour, with a medium to high intensity. The beer is sparkling and when being poured into a glass creates a compact white foam. Extra aromas and tastes are not permitted, the taste of malt and hops predominate, while a very weak intensity of pasteurization or ester tastes and odours is permissible. A higher value of polyphenols and a higher pH level are typical for Czech Beer.

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